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Details zu Kurs A1802264 ("Let`s talk!" English Conversation in the Morning B1 - B2)

It`s early in the morning and we`re already keen to speak English. If you want to improve your conversational skills, come along to our lively sessions where we read different texts and talk about all matters of interest. You will have the chance to refresh and practice your English in a relaxed atmosphere. You are expected to contribute to the discussions but shouldn`t be afraid of making mistakes: nobody is perfect! We would like to warmly welcome you to our conversation and discussion group. Let`s talk!
- Informationen zum Kurs unter 02263 9036740.

Status: Kurs abgeschlossen

Details zum Kurs
Zeitraum: Dienstag, 20.02.2018 bis Dienstag, 15.05.2018,
von 09:00 bis 10:30 Uhr
an 10 Terminen
Kosten: 69,00 €
Material: Selected literature or authentic learning-materials

[-] Kursraum:
  • Lupe Engelskirchen, Altes Rathaus Ründeroth, Rathausplatz 1, 51766 Engelskirchen

[-] Dozent(en):

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